The Quiltmakers Gift
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My mother who is a quilter gave this book to my daughters. We have read it several times and are amazed by the story and the illustrations. After reading the e-mails from so many people, I needed to write. During this time of war and hostility, it was so nice to read how many people are out there loving one another and giving to people they do not know. I plan to use this book to reinforce my values with my girls. I want them to know that giving is so necessary in the world we live in. Thank you for your book.
– Cat Jackson

The Quiltmaker's Gift touched me like no other has in a long time. The quiltmaker is a person we should all aspire to be. I plan to read this book to classes for years to come and give it to my three children for Christmas. Brave!!! What a very special book.

For our Make A Difference Day project (October 27) we used the Puss in the Corner block pattern from the workbook. As young as 5 years old (with Mom's help) through 73 years old used sewing machines and 'stash' fabrics to create 24 X and O blocks which will be made into a quilt for persons at a homeless shelter. We intend to continue our project throughout the year using the numerous patterns in the book.
p.s. We even have a special chair like the king's throne that he gave to the quiltmaker at the end of the story. – St. Charles

I was shopping for holiday bargains and found your book on a sale table. I purchased it for a friend of mine that is a quilter so she could share this story with her grandchildren. I brought the book home and put it away. Yesterday I saw my grandchildren expressing actions of greed and unthankfulness. I am a Christian and today I had a heavy heart pondering over how I could touch my grandchildren with some word about gratefulness and thankfulness. I prayed for a way to express to them that material things are worthless and become vapors when we leave this world for heaven. I sat down with a cup of tea this morning and read your book. I can't wait until tomorrow when I will share the book with my five grandchildren. Your book will remain on my bookshelf, as well as my heart,and I shall purchase another for my friend.
Thank you and God Bless you....

Our family loves the book. The story and illustrations are exquisite. It also speaks to our own unique family makeup in many ways. My family is made up of many kinds of adoptions, multi-abled children of different ethnicities and many rescued animals. ALL are from challenging backgrounds and experiences. The children have identified with the hardships depicted AND the spirit of caring in TQG. They wanted to do something through good works in our community that was not being already done,was fun, and involved animals, if possible. Since I was taught quilting from my grandmother at the age of 10, I wanted to teach my children as well, (and assist in their minor/gross motor skills). Combining these desires and agreed upon criteria and community needs, the "THE GREAT IDEA" was hatched! Fabric, scissors, thread and needles are at work with breathless creativity, shared time together and endless giggles (not to mention how many cookies are being consumed to keep us going! ) We are making dog and cat sized quilts for the abused, neglected and abandoned rescued animals in our community. These will go to any dog and cat that need rescuing and/or while they are awaiting adoption to good homes. Often the dogs and cats are quite underweight and/or suffering the impact of exposure to harsh weather, and worse, abuse and neglect from those who were to love and care for them. As a result the quilts are not just to snuggle with, but provide warmth and cushioning while they put on weight and heal,physically and emotionally. My three youngest girls,Victoria 10, Sunni 12 and Elena 12, are again planning their newest designs for each waiting pooch and kitty! It's been so touching to listen to each one imagine out loud what each dog might want for his/her quilt colors and prints, what each quilt gift might mean to each dog/cat, and what it means each of my daughters.
Thanks for the inspiration. The gifts ARE in the giving!
–Barbara, Elena, Sunni, and Victoria Kenyon
Stillwater Farm at Hilltop
21 Hilltop Drive
Newport, Vermont 05855

The story The Quiltmaker's Gift reminded me of my mother and her cousin LouAnn. Both women have given out countless quilts over the years. My mother was in the presidency of the Women's Auxillary at our church. Each couple that got married and each woman who had a baby received a hand made quilt. Most of the time the fabric was donated from my mother's stash and she did most of the work. When LouAnn's sister, who was a school teacher passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, LouAnn took her sister's clothes, cut them up and pieced a quilt for each one of the children in her school class. She has also pieced a quilt for each of the graduating students at the high school her children attended. I've found that most quilters are very generous people like the quiltmaker in the story giving away more priceless gifts than they keep for themselves.
Sally Trent
Long Beach, CA

I came across this book after looking through a quilting magazine. My daughter has been interested in learning to quilt and I have no expertise. After finding the book at a local book store, I purchased this for my daughter. Once we read the story together, we knew exactly how to use this book.
My daughter is a 13 year old teen leader for our 4-H club. We will use the book to teach about giving and community service. It has also inspired us to learn more about the history of quilting and sharing it with our group of 29 members.
The artwork and the story are magnificent. We truly were inspired. I found this book in the childrens section at Barnes and Noble. I have purchased 7 of these books and given them as gifts for my adult friends, who have also enjoyed all of it as much as I have. I was even given one by one of my closest friends as a Christmas gift.
Please know that your book has touched our hearts.
–Kathy Whittaker
Dietrich, Idaho